What Makes Stone Work Cladding So Great To Have?

What makes stone work cladding so great to have on your home? Well, first, let us review what stone work cladding is first. This method is used to cover walls using either a natural stone or a synthetic stone. It was popular in higher-end houses in the 1970s and it has started to resurge and is quietly gaining ground in trends for the home.

Hard to believe, especially if you were around in the 1970s, people are actually tear down old walls and building stone work walls in their place. It brings about a feel and look of comfort with a touch of luxury and without busting the budget wide open.

A Natural Material

Stones are a beautiful natural material, and make a great investment if you’re looking to upgrade your home and add value. They not only provide that comfort and luxury, but they have brought up the value for resale in many homes. You certainly don’t want to use stone work excessively, but a wall of stone work here and a stone work kitchen island can do so much.

Stone Work Provides A Level Of Weather Protection

Concrete is thought to be a durable, strong material, but it can be worn down by heat, micro-organisms, and water. Just look at the roadways today!  Stone work however, isn’t affected by the elements and will stand the test of time and weather by looking exquisite.


There are numerous combinations and features in colors for stone, natural or synthetic. A wall made of stone work will give your home that pop at a price that any budget can afford.

Stone Work Is Heat Resistant

Natural stone work will absorb radiation then release it gradually. This will keep your home’s temperature constant so that you won’t have to depend on electric or gas heaters. And if you’re looking at creating an outdoor stone work wall, they are temperature resistant and weather resistant to stand strong for years to come.

A Non-Porous Material

Stone work is a non-porous material that will protect your exterior walls against the environment and making your home’s walls stronger.