5 ways to stay connected in silver spring, MD

5 ways to stay connected in silver spring, MD

Remember the time when TV had less than 10 channels and all you had to do was adjust and antenna and that was it? Technology has brought us a long way – and sometime that way is complicated. Silver Spring FiOS Internet makes a way to bring the simplicity back into television entertainment.


FiOs gives you the opportunity to catch up with your shows and watch them when you want. If you’re not on time to watch your favorite program in ‘real’ time DVR allows you to back up all your shows and save them for you to watch later on. You’ll never miss another show again; it’s like video recording, but without the hassle of the big, bulky machine and labeling DVDs.

Video on Demand

If your internet provider has a wide range of video on demand shows and movies for free, you can pretty much watch what you want as much as you want. This saves you having to use your DVR space and you will always have a cache of episodes to watch. Depending on your service provider’s library you will never get bored watching the same shows over and over as the list is constantly updated.

Media Manager

If you want the ‘big screen’ fanfare to showcase your videos and photos you can do this by connecting your computer to your television set. This feature used to come with a fee, but now it is free. The process has also been simplified since its origin and requires less equipment. All you have to do is download the Media Manager program on your computer and your media files will be organized. Next, select Media Manager option using the FIOS remote and choose the videos or photos you want to view.

Flex View

This is just one step higher on the platform of technological convenience. Flex view allows the use of apps everywhere – literally. This video on demand capability allows you to view your purchased or rented movies on any device you own. Once you have purchased or rented your show you can watch it on as many as four devices including your TV all at the same time.

FiOS DVR Manager App

This program allows you to monitor how much space is taken up on your DVR so that your recorded shows don’t get wiped out in place of newly recorded ones.

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